Valentino Haute Couture Fall 2014
"I do all the things you used to hate. I dye my hair colors that make the church ladies stare. I go to bed without dinner and subside entirely on air. I make tea and pour cream in after. I give up reading. I give up The Beatles. I never eat another plate of scrambled eggs. I shape myself into someone you would dislike. My speech sharpens. My teeth turn to fangs. I let go of the softness that drew you to me. My fingernails itch to become claws and I don’t fight it. This is what it takes to survive. I let people into my bed that I would have walked right past with you. He is sad-eyed and needs my flimsy paper wrists to support him. I pour every late night with you into him, until he says, ‘I love you, I love you’ and I say, ‘Shh, you’ll ruin the fun.’ I do what it takes to forget you, and at the end, have more bruises than the ones I started with, but I can finally look at a sunset and not feel anything at all."I Practice Death To Forget You | Lora Mathis  (via soggypoetry)

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Piney Flats, TN

P1013662 by ArchitecturalAfterlife on Flickr.

Photograph of Virginia Woolf with TS Eliot, by Ottoline Morrell at Garsington Manor, 1924. Photograph: National Portrait Gallery, London

Alphonse Mucha

Duke doesn’t want me back yet.

If I am stuck in this goddamn place for another semester, I give up. It’s not worth it. Stasis is not worth it.

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